Blank Canvas

I was having a conversation with some of my employees recently and noticed, as I was talking to them that they were looking at me like I was their mother.  I had to fight back the urge to scream, “NO!!! I’m still your peer.  We have the same interests and likes and I’m just exactly like you!” Of course, it’s not true.  At 42, I could have easily given birth to most of them – and it wouldn’t have even been shockingly young to give birth.

The universe has an amazing sense of humor and if I had dared to try and delude myself by pretending I was in their peer group I discovered the eyebrow hair.  One incredibly long, white, wiry eyebrow hair punctuating the fact that I am aging gracefully.

The best cosmetics in the world won’t do much to cover bad skin, and as we age, we discover some unique challenges and changes that seem to begin over night.  Long gone are the days of staying out until 2AM, drinking and smoking, falling asleep with a full face of make-up on and still waking fresh as a daisy.  Long gone, my friends.

Those nights have been replaced with serums, oils, eye creams and lotions all designed to combat the seemingly endless variety of mature (read: old) skin concerns not limited to dark spots, redness, acne, scars, loss of firmness, dullness, under eye circles, fine lines and not-so-fine lines that need to be filled with concrete.

I aspire to have my face look the age my brain still thinks it is, I’ve been trying to find the perfect skin care regimen.

I decided that I wanted to look as great as Cindy Crawford.  Hey, she’s got 7 years on me, so if Meaningful Beauty gives her amazing genetics a boost, it’s worth a shot.   I ordered the product online which was easy enough and as a first time customer, the pricing and extras thrown in were great.  What wasn’t great was that like many other direct selling companies, you agree to purchase more product that will ship automatically unless you cancel within 30 days – at which point they have another opportunity to put the hard sell on you.   Despite my dislike for this business practice, I ordered the product and waited eagerly for its arrival.

Once it arrived, I read the enclosed literature thoroughly.  Should I not miraculously transform into Cindy, I didn’t want my failure to follow instructions to be the cause.

So, what’s to like?  I liked having a complete regimen to use, I liked that the steps were explained.  It really took the guesswork out of skin care.  The product is decent.  My skin felt good after I used the product, but it didn’t feel amazing.  After 30 days, there wasn’t a perceptible difference in my skin, so I cancelled future shipments.  Verdict? A solid “meh”.  It didn’t leave me radiant and fresh faced, it didn’t reverse time and it most certainly didn’t make me look like a supermodel, not even a 49 year old supermodel.   Save your money, I’ve used drug store products that were just as good.

Coming up: reviews on the Belif True Cream Aqua Bomb and some comments on the new facial oils as skincare.

What are your fave products or routines?



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