Rainy Days



Thanksgiving was wonderful, but it’s been cold and rainy since which means I am stuck inside, far too miserable in the weather to actually be out Black Friday shopping. Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time on the couch watching bad TV and good YouTube make-up tutorials and being harassed by a very persistent cat.  I’m definitely enjoying the downtime, but also very glad that we have a party to attend tonight – and delighted with some of the new tricks I learned from Ipsy stylist Lustrelux today so that I’ll look like I dressed for the party when I was really just playing with some new techniques and products!

I promised a review of a couple of products The True Cream – AquaBomb from Belif and the Virgin Marula Facial Oil from Drunk Elephant.  I’m going to hold off on the Marula Facial Oil for now.  I think facial oils deserve a post of their very own judging by the quantity that I’ve received lately!  I want to give them a good try before I share my thoughts on them and I want to review several different ones at one time.

As for the Belif Aqua Bomb, I like it.  I like it a lot as a day cream.  It’s not at all oily or greasy and has a gel-like feel, even though it’s a cream.  It absorbed quickly and completely and left my face looking and feeling dewy all day.  It has a fragrance that I really enjoyed, sort of rosemary/herbal – which reminded me of a spa and took the edge off the workday morning wake-up & make-up.

However, at $38.00 for a 1.68 ounce jar, I’m not running out to add it to my Sephora cart.  I might buy it at some point in the future, but at the moment, there’s a lot of competition for a slot in my daily routine and the sample I received was only enough for two applications.  I feel pretty strongly that if a company is going to create a sample, it should be large enough for people to actually use the product and fall in love.  I really liked it, I liked it enough to use it again, but I’m not in love.

Innovative packaging always catches my eye, and I just got the coolest lip gloss in my Christmas-edition Glossybox!  From Pure Cosmetics, the Pure Illumination lip gloss is great for quick reapplications on the go.  The product has a little mirror on the side, and the wand contains an LED light that gives targeted light while you apply.   Not just a12246948_10153833759935229_5227072110050374131_n cool party trick, the lip gloss is actually pretty great – minty, hydrating and not at all sticky.  At a retail price around $20.00, you’re obviously paying for the cool packaging, but if you’re on the go often, particularly in the evenings, it might be money well spent.  I think I’ll send one to my mother, who loves to reapply at the dinner table – without a mirror – which inevitably leads to disaster…lipstick-stains-in-teeth

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