I’m from the generation where putting oil on your skin was a crime. Hell, eating French fries was supposedly enough oil to cause a break-out that was nothing short of atomic.  Seriously, me and my absurdly dry skin have spent a lifetime avoiding anything that even hinted at oil.

Now, let’s be clear…I would never say this if my grandmother were still alive…but she was so incredibly wrong!  I am positively obsessed with facial oils at the moment.  My skin actually feels and looks hydrated for the first time in over four decades and irony of ironies…oiling my skin doesn’t make it greasy – and I think it’s even preventing breakouts.

How is that possible?  Well, my skin is healthier now so I’m not getting little microscopic holes that provide an entry point for acne-causing bacteria.  That’s not just a guess, that’s my official nurse-y perspective! And at the risk of sounding like an infomercial, not only can you use it on your face, but these oils can also be used on your hair, nails, ashy legs, minor wounds…anywhere you can dream up.  The sales pitch isn’t even close to over, folks.


My first exposure to skin-care oil isn’t pictured here, but it was nothing short of amazing.  The Revitalizer from Biossance arrived in one of my subscription boxes just before my husband I took a vacation to Cozumel.  We spent one glorious week basking and baking in the sun and every evening when we would return to our room, I would slather this squalane-rich oil onto my face.  I’m convinced it saved me from peeling away entirely and it kept me looking dewy and fresh – but not at all greasy or shiny.

After I returned home, I received multiple facial oils, either in subscription boxes or to try and provide an honest review on.  The next up on the list was Josie Maran’s Argan Oil.  Argan Oil is from the Argan tree native to Morocco and contains loads of antioxidants to hydrate and heal.  I’ve used other brands of Argan Oil for my hair and I’m a fan of Josie Maran cosmetics in general, so I had high hopes.  Sadly, I was a bit let down.  The particular bottle I received had a slightly rancid smell which was a big turn off, and it didn’t feel particularly hydrating but did leave my skin feeling slightly oily.  In short, I think I’ll hang on to this one for my split ends and keep it off my kisser.  I highly recommend Josie Maran’s Argan Oil mascara, though…expect the definitive guide to mascara in a future post – this one will be featured (and raved about).

oils2  I loved the name of Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil.  Made from the fruit of the Marula tree, this oil is also packed with antioxidants to hydrate.  If you know me at all, you know that my biggest pet peeve in the world is samples that are non-functional (ahem) like this one.  I tore the packet open very.very.carefully.  Not carefully enough.  The oil was all over my bathroom counter, and nowhere near my face.  I rubbed the little bit that dribbled onto my fingers onto my face.  It didn’t have a fragrance and felt like it would have been nice to try, but…I couldn’t really tell you.  Annoying.

My good friends at Sephora gave me a couple samples of NUDE Skincare’s ProGenius Omega Treatment as a reward for my obsessive shopping, and both samples were actually packaged in a way that I could use!  Lots of cool sounding root extracts refine and smooth skin texture with omega-rich oils.  The ProGenius skin oil is my favorite of all of these for daytime use.  It’s not hydrating enough for nighttime use for my liking, but for the daytime…aaah…it’s bliss.  It smells like spa-happiness, gets me going in the morning, absorbs super fast and helps my make-up look morning fresh for much longer than it would without it.   If you’re worried about oils making you feel greasy, this is a great one to try out.

One day at the grocery store, I received a coupon for Bio-Oil.  I was already planning this blog post, the coupon reduced it’s affordable $10 price tag to a mere $3 and since I’m always looking for a bargain, I decided to give it a go.  The product literature states that PurCellin is the key ingredient – and like the others – it can be used for a multitude of skin ailments and hydrates to create younger looking skin.  Of all of the oils I’ve tried, this one is by far the oiliest.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but definitely something to be aware of.  This is a product that will now be a permanent fixture in my house.  Due to it’s extremely affordable price, I’ll keep this around to put on healing wounds, my psoriatic elbows and my face when I need an extra kick of moisture.  Not my favorite, but still a good product on a budget!

I’ve saved my favorite for last.  Sweetsation Therapy (you can find them on Facebook here or on Amazon here) sent me a complimentary bottle of their Orchidee Vitae Precious Age Defying Facial Oil to try and review.  This product contains basically all of the aforementioned antioxidant oils including Argan, Maracuja, Moringa and Vitamin C.  I was terrified when I opened the bottle because the product is highly fragranced and I have a strong dislike for strong smells.  Having said that, the fragrance fades very quickly once applied and the oil feels like a true treat when you apply it.  I have been applying it in the evening after cleansing, letting is absorb completely and applying it again.  I absolutely feel like it has started to minimize my fine lines – and with my 43rd birthday looming, that seems like a real gift indeed.  My skin feels smoother, and with a retail price of $34.00 this one is my pick for Best in Show.   I plan to make this product a permanent fixture in my nighttime routine.

Did I miss your favorite facial oil?  Share your thoughts and your experiences with these or other products! I’d love to hear from you!



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  1. I was scared to death of facial oils too…I’ve always had skin on the drier side but it was also even and totally clear…until 2 years ago when the super fun aging process brought on hormonal breakouts 😭 They say that the drier your skin the more your oil glands overproduce oil to compensate, thus causing acne…so keeping ultra moisturizer makes sense, right!? They still scared me; picturing my pores clogging up 😳 I’ve used them in my hair since the debut of Moroccon oil years ago. I finally gave in too; and I agree: this, plus staying hydrated has actually improved my skin and some oils even fade spots some. Great review!! xx


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