Important note:  Green Touch Beauty, the creator of this hair growth shampoo, is offering a 20% discount for my readers!  Simply click on the embedded link in this article.  This will take you to the Amazon page for the product and enter discount code O6RGEIOQ !

shampooEveryone that has spent more than three minutes with me knows that I lose hair by the handful.

If I invite you over for dinner, be prepared:  you will have a fine meal, and you will likely find one long brown hair somewhere in your otherwise impeccable feast.  I’m not at all crafty, but if I were, I could knit a sweater from the remnants left in the shower…weekly.  You could clone enough Fabulushes to inhabit a new planet from the strands in my hairbrush.  I could go on, but I’ll not.  You get the point.

There isn’t a medical reason for my hair loss. I’ve had my thyroid tested over and over.  It’s also not hormonal imbalances, alopecia or some other skin disorder.  It’s just me.   For many years, the new hair growth kept up with the hair loss and so it was moderately annoying but no big deal.

Unfortunately, along with the texture changes (hello frizz!) and strange discolorations (one or two little silver strands) that hair undergoes as one becomes more mature-ish, the growth doesn’t keep up with the loss quite as well as it used to.  I’m not saying that I have bald spots (yet), but my part is definitely getting wider and overall my hair looks a lot limper and flatter.  I’ve reached for the Rogaine-for-her more than once while shopping.  However, a doctor once mentioned that once you start using it, you need to continue using it or the fallout will restart.  I’m not quite ready to admit to that particular defeat.  Maybe soon, but not just yet.

Given my concern, I was thrilled when I was selected to test  NOV Hair Growth Shampoo in Cayenne and Saw Palmetto at no cost in exchange for an honest review on The Fabulush.  The shampoo claims to fight hair loss by promoting blood circulation around hair follicles with botanical ingredients that work “in balance with your natural physiology”.

Now, before I get in to my review of the product, I have to bitch for a second.  I have autoimmune, systemic arthritis and many days, my hands simply do not cooperate and operate like I would like them to.  The bottle that this product comes in is made of a very rigid plastic that is impossible for arthritic hands to squeeze.  As a workaround, I just took the top off. Fortunately, the product is liquid-y enough to pour out easily but I like to bring attention to things that are challenging for me and my fellow arthritis sufferers.  Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…

The bottle gives some warnings about the product – the typical idiot alerts – like testing to make sure you aren’t allergic or sensitive to the ingredients and keeping it out of your eyes.   It also states that you may experience some tingling on your scalp as the product works its magic.  In reading the online reviews, some people seemed to imply that the product was extremely potent, bordering on caustic.  Personally, I didn’t experience any negative effects at all, I even used it in the bath a couple times and my skin is all still intact.  Now, I’m not necessarily advocating that (see above idiot alert), however, if you read reviews that scare you, take it with a grain of salt.

The bottle claims that the hair growth shampoo can “reduce the rate of hair loss, maintain the density and improve the quality of dull thinning hair”.  You know what?  After four uses, I think this claim is absolutely true.  My hair is seems to be falling out less.  It looks shinier and bouncier.  It feels healthier and fuller and it does seem to shine a little more.  Truly!

So if the product does what it’s supposed to, and my hair looks healthier than usual, why am I not screaming from the rooftops and ordering 32 of the $32.00  bottles for myself? Well, besides the $32.50 price tag – which is VERY spendy – there’s just one little challenge …it smells exactly like a citronella candle.  EXACTLY.  That’s a pretty distinctive fragrance – created to make bugs stay away.  It’s certainly better than being hairless, but there it is – I’m just not sure that I’m ready to spend that kind of money to be a repellant with feet.

I think the scent fades fairly quickly.  But maybe the scent doesn’t fade as fast as I think it does and I’ve just gotten used to it and the people around me are simply too nice to clue me in.  Frankly, next summer in Texas I might buy this hair growth shampoo solely for that reason!  There may be a point in time where the hair loss is so worrisome and upsetting that I don’t care, but that time is not now.   If you’re hair loss is causing lost sleep, then absolutely give this product a try.

What are your favorite hair loss remedies?  Have you tried this, or other products?  Let’s hear your thoughts!



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