Inside Out

hydrationbgI have always hated the expression “beauty is only skin deep”.  First of all, I think it sort of goes without saying, in the sense of goodness or virtue of another.  Secondly, I think it’s wrong.  Beauty comes from within – in the literal and metaphoric senses.

I can put as many serums, creams, lotions and potions on my skin as I can purchase and apply, however it won’t make much of a difference if I’m not taking care of the inside, too.  I’m admittedly not as good at this as I should be – not in the hard ways (working out) or the easy ways (drinking adequate water).

Enter Neocell’s Glow Matrix Advanced Skin Hydrator capsules.  glowmatrixNeocell claims that their Advanced Skin Hydrator will help improve moisture and elasticity and reduce signs of aging in as little as 15 days!  Wow! Sign me UP!

How does this work?  The claim is that ceramides fortify the skin’s outermost layer and act as a water barrier to maintain hydration.  In addition to a ton of key vitamins, the capsules contain all of the things that are so trendy right now for skin health – coconut water, hyaluronic acid, gamma linoleic acid, pine bark extract and astaxanthin.  Since I’m using these things topically, I figured I couldn’t hurt and started popping the pills.

I took the capsules pretty religiously for three weeks.  I have about a week supply left, and I’m not taking them anymore.  The truth is, I didn’t notice a huge difference.  At least, not a difference worth writing home about and certainly nothing that religiously drinking adequate water throughout the day wouldn’t accomplish.  I really hate water, so I had a lot of hope that his was looking for an easy way out.  Sadly,  I don’t think it is.  The truth is, there typically aren’t those easy outs that would be so awesome.  It’s a high-quality product, the packaging is beautiful and since Neocell was kind enough to send me this product free of charge in exchange for a review, I was really hoping to scream from the roof-tops about this…

Until next time…drink your water and stay beautiful, beautiful!

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