I love wine.   I really, really, really loves me some wine.  My preference is a big, dry in-your-face Cabernet but in a pinch, I’ll take a soft and flowery Beaujolais or a light and peppewhat-though-youth-gave-love-and-roses-age-still-leaves-us-friends-and-wine-quote-1ry Pinot Noir.  Does it sound like I know what I’m talking about?  Probably not to a true connoisseur, but that’s OK, I’m not and I really don’t know what I’m talking about!  But I do love it.

The sad truth is that I don’t drink as much wine as I would like to anymore, and certainly not as often.  It simply hurts too bad these days.   Having said that,  when I do decide to imbibe, I do so gleefully and with sincere intent.  The intent:  to buy a better bottle than I probably should, to make as big of a production out of drinking it as humanly possible and to finish the entire bottle, unless I’m with friends – and then I want to share several bottles with good company and lots of laughter.

Another truth of my lushing is that I’m not drinking wines of superlative quality.  Most of the wines I purchase are less than $20.00 and very young vintages.  Even my amateur palette is able to discern that these wines really benefit from some breathing room.  Unfortunately, my guests often arrive unannounced and decanting a bottle and giving it time to breathe typically doesn’t happen.  This holiday season, my good friends at VinoAria  gifted me with this amazing wine aerator – and, my lovelies, my friends and I certainly put it to good use!  vino1

The aerator arrived in this pretty little case and makes a lovely addition to my bar.  To use, simply open a bottle of wine, place the aerator in the top and pour…the first glass is as open and lush as the last, just like that!  The aerator fit perfectly into every bottle we opened, and the wine flowed easily – in every conceivable way – that night.   You don’t have to hold the aerator in place, it fits securely, and there wasn’t any dripping around the aerator.  Plus, it just sort of looks cool!

With a price point of just under $13.00 on Amazon, the Vino Aria aerator is a very affordable addition to a home bar – and an amazing gift for your wine-loving friends!


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