Valentia has become one of my favorite skin-care product lines.  Made iplumpingmaskn the US, Valentia creates all-natural products that are free of parabens and alcohol in an organic base designed to treat a variety of skin ailments and unpleasantries.  I previously reviewed their True Glow Eye Cream,  and was immensely satisfied with it.  Valentia generously sent me their Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask at no charge and I couldn’t be happier about reviewing this product.

I find that many skin masks, including hydrating masks, tend to dry my skin out a little more than I would like so I don’t use them very often.  Not this one.  I have had this product for about two weeks and I have used it four or five times already.

The product is in a rich base with a pleasant, light citrus scent.  Citrus is one of my favorite scents and I love relaxing with this mask on as the fragrance is cheery and light and helps me to relax.  Immediately after applying, you feel a pretty significant cooling sensation & a slight tingling sensation that is probably the result of the coolness of the product and not necessarily anything in the product!   At any rate, it’s not a burning or an unpleasant sensation, but it is there.

After 15-30 minutes, you simply wipe the excess product off with a warm washcloth – and your skin instantly looks and feels more hydrated.  So, what’s in it?  Silk Protein Amino Acid blend to increase moisture and help in the production of collagen and elastin, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid to plump skin from within and Sea Buckthorn oil to diminish sun spots, reduce lines and even skin tone.  I have absolutely noticed improved appearance and a reduction in fine lines, and my skin certainly does look more radiant these days!

In my previous review of the True Glow Eye Cream (which I am still using daily), I suggested that Valentia was an up-and-coming brand and that their price point would likely make a jump in the near future.  I still think that might be the case.  Currently, this product is available on Amazon at less than $25.00 for a 4 ounce jar.  As you can see from the picture above, taken after four uses of the mask, a jar will last quite a while.  Also, if you join Valentia’s mailing list, you can receive exclusive discounts and even the opportunity to try new products at no charge.  Stay tuned:  I have more reviews coming for TWO more Valentia products, a clay mask and an exfoliator, coming soon!


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