Brand Spotlight – Anaiti

Every once in a while, a forward-thinking company will gift nd a reviewer several of their products for review.  As most product lines typically work in a symbiotic fashion, it makes sense to allow someone the opportunity to use several products from that line together to experience the results.  Enter Anaiti, a natural skin care line made in Canada.

Their Luminous Cream retails for roughly $50.00 for a 1.7 ounce jar.  The product contains Matrixyl and Renovage for anti-aging and Vitamin C and Niacinamide for complexion brightening.  This rich cream is essentially fragrance free (yay!) and absorbs quickly without leaving any sticky or oily residue.   The directions state that the product should be used morning and night, and I have banaiti2een.  For me, this product alone is not enough moisture for a night cream, so I simply add an oil first and apply this cream after the oil has absorbed.  I suspect that for most people, however, this would be more than adequate alone for a night cream, I just have incredibly dry skin (not unlike my witty charm).  The verdict:  even though I have been using this product to review, I have several other creams in my drawer from very high-end brands that have taken a back-seat to this one, and my jar is definitely half-empty (see what I did there?).  Having said that, this wasn’t my favorite product of the three – I’ll save the best for last and let that anticipation just build and build.

The second product in the line that I have been using is The Advanced Neck and Decollete Cream, my least favorite of the three but only because this often-neglected area is often neglected by me!  Similar to the Luminous Cream, this product is a rich, thick cream that has a lovely, subtle citrus fragrance – a great little pick-me-up scent for the mornings.  It absolutely has improved the appearance of this area – tightening my neck a bit and evening up the massive sun damage I have in the decollete.  The product is intended for twice-daily usage, but I’ll be honest and tell you that I just haven’t been doing that, I’ve really only managed to  use it consistently at night.  This is unfortunate, because we would all be well-served to treat this area as well as we treat our faces ( have you ever seen someone with an amazing complexion and a wrinkly, sun-spotted neck? Not a good look).  This product also absorbs nicely and quickly.  I’m going to make a concentrated effort to use it twice a day, it will probably improve the appearance of this area twice as fast!

Finally, I was able to try the Instant Wrinkle Smoothing Serum which anaiti1retails at $35.00 for a 1 ounce bottle.  Now, I’m a big fan of serums in general because I feel like they are targeted little delivery systems for good stuff and that makes me happy.  I like the new serums that are being made now more than ever because they use naturally-derived antioxidants that don’t make your face burn and peel.  This one is great – it is an odorless, colorless thick serum (less waste!) that goes on evenly, absorbs almost instantly, and makes your skin feel tighter on application. I have been using this product in the morning before moisturizing and making-up and I think it really does make fine lines and wrinkles less visible – and after two weeks of use, my skin’s overall appearance is definitely improved.  I have also been using it nightly, before the application of oil and moisturizer.

I’m very impressed with the quality of products from this brand, and there are quite a few other products in the line that I’m looking forward to trying.  I do think the company is doing themselves a bit of a disservice with their packaging, however.  The graphics are a little cheesy and I think the quality of their labels detracts a bit from the impression they might wish to portray.  A brand that wants to sell quality and premium-level products would be well served to invest some time and capital into a better graphic design firm.  I can’t help it, it’s my marketing background squeaking out – it does that every once in a while, even though I no longer work in marketing!  And yes, I totally realize the irony of that comment in light of my poorly-lit, amateurish photos accompanying this review! 🙂

Hypocrisy is another one of my talents!

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