Mask Mania

maskmaniaSo, I’ve already written quite a few posts about a skincare line from Valentia, because I have loved every single product for theirs that I have tried.  I guess they have been happy with what I’ve shared, because this time, they gifted me with TWO products from their line that work harmoniously with one another.  The first is their Skin Detoxifying Clay Mask.   The second is the Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub, both sell for $25.00 on amazon.

I’ll start with the clay mask, because while I love (LOVE!) masks, I tend to use hydrating masks and find that there are times that clay masks can really dry out my skin.  It becomes a bit of a tough decision – do I want to clean my pores or do I want sheets of skin to flake off?  Well, with as much makeup as I love to wear, clean pores are important.  This mask is not at all drying.  The clay base is packed with moisture, and even as it dries, it doesn’t feel like it’s drying.  It also has a delightful scent that is hard to describe – sort of fruity, slightly candy-coated, but not at all cloying or obnoxious.  It’s great.  For ease of use, it’s about what you’d expect – apply, let dry, remove with a washcloth.  With a tiny bit of a twist.  The mask also contains exfoliating fibers made from organic ingredients (not the dreaded MICROBEAD), so as you remove it with circular motions you exfoliate as well (bonus!).

The Eternal Youth Exfoliating Scrub is amazing.  First of all, it smells sooooo good.  It’s similar to the clay mask, but lighter and I would totally wear the scent as a fragrance!  Made with green and white teas, this antioxidant-rich mask is a gentle exfoliant.  There is a relatively small ratio of fibers to the base product, and I consider this a good thing.  Some exfoliants can really do a number on your skin – and in the process cause more damage than benefit.  With this one, it’s gentle enough that I have used it two to three times a week and my skin looks and feels refreshed and bright after use, not like I’ve removed the top layer with sandpaper.  This is a definite keeper, and a product that I will order over and over again.

It’s no surpise that I’m thrilled with these two products from the Valentia line – give them a try and let me know what you think!

I’m currently trialing Dr.Brandt’s Needles No More Serum and Do Not Age day and night cream.  The price tag is pretty hefty, but is it worth it?  I’m on the fence right now – stay tuned for the definitive answer!

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