Weekly Roundup

Hello beauties!  I have quite a few products to review, so let’s just jump right in, cool?12741916_10154000817790229_6353560611873813596_n

First up, I received two pretty great products from Del Organics at no charge for review purposes.  What sets this company apart from other similar companies?  Well, first of all – it’s what the products don’t contain – sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, colorings and artificial fragrances – you know, all those things that can’t actually be beneficial for your skin.  So, there’s that.  They are, of course, cruelty-free (why isn’t everything nowadays?) and made in ‘Murica.  But do they work?  Well, Del Organics protects the natural integrity of it’s natural ingredients and tests the products to make sure they are bio-available and skin happifying.

I tried both the Hyaluronic Skin Brightening serum and the Vitamin C serum (pictured) and have nothing but really good things to say.  Both products are extremely refreshing, dry quickly (great for using under make-up) and leave your skin feeling refreshed and with a definite glow.  I love a high-quality, organic skincare product and would definitely recommend that you give them a try.  You can get the Vitamin C serum here and the Hyaluronic Acid serum here, each at less than $20 for a 1 ounce bottle.

Speaking of natural things, I’ve sort of been exploring essential oils lately, mostly for making my own Lush-styles bath bombs using this recipe and tweaking it a little bit, here and there for fun.  Some have worked great, others have failed miserably – but it’s been fun tr71QS3EwYk6L._SL1500_ying.  In doing that project, however, I started mixing fragrances of oils and wanted to find a way to use my own oil mixes in more than just bath bombs.  Enter these beautiful frosted glass cobalt roller-ball bottles from 2pm Essentials that you can order yourself here for less than $5.00 a bottle.  These would make a great gift for people you think are pretty special – especially if you had a cute little label.  For me, I’ve just filled them with some oil blends that I like, easily snap the roller top on and toss them in my purse for a little pick me up during the day.


Well, dears – I’m off.  I need to go show my family some Valentine’s Day love – and I think I’ll probably need to find a V-day face to put on to make myself feel loved!





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