Glossybox – March 2016

1930407_10154076191570229_6830083720324164980_nI have been a very loyal Glossybox subscriber for two years now.  This beauty subscription box is $21.00 per month, and has always included high-end product samples and usually full- or deluxe sized products.

Recently, my feelings about Glossybox have changed dramatically and once I have used all of my “glossydots” for free boxes, I will discontinue my subscription.  While I’m typically very satisfied with the products included in the box, their customer service is pretty pathetic – so bad that I’m calling them out publicly here, and I have also done the same on Instagram.  So, if you’re reading Glossybox – I’m not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but the competition in subscription boxes has become pretty amazing.  You need to up your game.  Other companies are offering far better service and if you’re not willing to bend over backwards for your loyal customers, you will lose them.

OK, I’ll turn off the bitchy switch now and just jump in to the products in the March box:

Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream – $146.00 full size.  This is a very rich and creamy moisturizer and feels pretty spectacular on.  I used it at night not realizing it was meant for daytime moisturizer and found it rich enough for night use, even on my super dry skin.  I would guess that people with oily skin would find this far too rich for daytime use.  For me, it’s perfect.  I really like it and Glossybox included two samples of this product so I’ll be able to give it a solid test drive.  Thumbs up.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504 – $16.00 – This is a brand that I’m unfamiliar with and I really like this brush.  Great size for contour powders or blushes, full and soft with a pretty pink handle.   More than liking the brush, I’m excited to learn of a new brand and I’m looking forward to browsing their website because it looks pretty cool!

I Love…Cosmetics Super Soft Hand Lotion – $6.00 – From looking at the website, it looks like this little hand lotion traveled all the way across the pond to find it’s way into my Glossybox, which is cool, but seriously – it’s hand lotion.  I lucked out and got the Coconut & Cream fragrance, which I love, but it’s hand lotion.  I use more lotion than anyone I know and I have a drawer FULL of hand lotion from sub boxes.  Stop already.  For the love of all things holy and good….stop…..sending….lotions.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua – $21.00 – I love Too Faced as a brand.  They have amazing packaging and great products.  There is really nothing to love about them.  Their Melted lipsticks are always a favorite with their fluffy little applicator and huge range of colors…Chihuahua is not a color that I have, and I really like it.  It’s one of those mostly neutral, universally flattering shades.  But to call this product “long wearing” is a bit of a stretch.  Not that it matters, it feels so good I’ll apply it 20 times a day.

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner – $20.00 – So, I’ll never complain about getting to try another eyeliner – especially a pen liner because I’m pretty committed to Starlooks Pro – and I’ve only ever used one other Eyeko product.  This is a good eyeliner.  I’m going to stick with Starlooks, but this one definitely works.  Maybe it will be a good purse packer.

So, that’s the March box.  Overall, a great one.  Not good enough for me to keep my subscription, but definitely better than they have been in recent months.

While I’m on the topic of things I have received in the mail….Sela Beauty sent me a #steamcomb free in exchange for a review on the product.  This is a really well made, high quality steam comb that comes with a handy water bottle to fill the steam reservoir.  You plug it in and heat it up (all the way up to 450!) and steam straighten your hair instead of using a flatiron.  It’s much more gentle on the hair, and did a great job at defrizzing my hair.  I ran an Instagram contest for reaching 1000 followers with one of these as the prize, so I’m really excited to see how my winner likes it!  The red color is also gorgeous….see…

12821621_10154076071660229_1392763856135890750_nI also received a product from Slimmin Suzie that I’ve been asked to review.  I’ve reviewed it on, and I’ll include the link here just in case you’re interested, but the product is a full-body mud treatment designed to detoxify and slim.  Well, it felt really good to slather mud all over my body, but that’s all I can say that’s kind about the product.  I will be cleaning mud dust out of my bathroom for the next week.  It was like a volcano exploded ash all over my house…I guess that’s the weight loss secret.  😉

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