Sunshine Blogger Award


Hello lovelies!  I’m sorry that I’ve had such an extended absence!  I have been waiting for a couple of things to happen – the first is some new artwork for this site, the second is a site overhaul and redesign.  As you can tell, neither has happened.  The artwork is taking a frustratingly long time to materialize and I’ve been waiting on the redesign for that…blah..blah..blah…  Enough of the excuses!

My lovely friend Kelli nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award and created some very interesting questions so I’m going to answer these for you.  I jokingly refer to Kelli as my personal shopper but it’s only partially a joke – she makes me want ALL the things! Please be sure to follow Kelli’s blog – it’s full of great reviews on beauty products and subscription boxes and other fun tidbits all written with charming honesty.  Speaking of charming – please also follow the wonderful writers at Making Midlife Matter for fun reads on every topic imaginable…or at least interesting!

Now, on to Kelli’s questions….

How Long Have you been blogging? Thefabulush was started about six months ago.  Like most of us, I have an incredibly hectic life and really wanted something that was just fun.  For me, make-up is fun.  It doesn’t count for much in the big picture, and that’s OK.  I started blogging seven years ago and chronicled my divorce and living single.  It was incredibly therapeutic at the time, but that’s a closed chapter.  No, I won’t share the link.  😉

Who inspires you?  There are so many strong, smart and successful women that inspire me and  frankly, I’m inspired by all of us that make each day happen while balancing life.  At the moment Sheryl Sandberg and Lynn Tilton are what I aspire to – women that run successful businesses while supporting other women to do the same.

What is your longest running, tried and true beauty item? Dove Soap.  I have used it forever and still do.  I love the way it smells, I love the way it nourishes my skin and it leaves me feeling super clean.  But I never use it for my face!

Where is ‘your happy place’? Outdoors on a body of water – I adore beaches, but I’m equally as happy at lakes and rivers – and even the pool in a pinch.  Being on and in the water is where I feel closest to myself.

Currently binge watching Netflix?  Whats your Favorite TV show? I don’t really binge watch TV shows, but I have a serious Bravo problem and I love everything – All of the Real Housewives franchise, Southern Charm and Below Deck.  Mindless entertainment – it’s perfection.

What [who] was your first band/show/concert? Fun question!  The first concert I ever attended was Sting on the Duke University Campus.  It was so much fun.  The first music I ever purchased with my own money were Madonna, Wham and The Clash cassettes – all in the same shopping trip. I’m still all over the place with music.

Most used makeup/beauty brand? I completely adore Stila Cosmetics.  Benefit and Make Up Forever are in the running too.

Who are your pets? (if any) My genius black cat named Panther.  She’s more like a dog than a cat.  It’s pretty insane.  Unfortunately, she had emergency surgery Friday due to a dog attack so she’s recuperating next to me on the couch high on painkillers.  I’m super worried about her.

Favorite online shopping destination? I strongly prefer online shopping to in-store shopping and I love a good bargain.  Amazon Prime was a major game-changer.  I also spend plenty of time (and money) on Sephora and I’m a fan of Overstock too because I love a good bargain.

Where is or where would you like your next vacation destination to be? My husband and I are taking a quick weekend trip to Reno/Lake Tahoe at the end of the month. I’m super excited about that because neither of us have been there before.  Later in the summer we will take a family vacation and we’re still tossing ideas around.  The kids want to go back to Destin, Florida – so they will probably win!

Thank you for reading.  That was fun!  Stay tuned because I still have big plans coming for!



  1. I love reading everyone’s answers! I love going to Tahoe, it’s a pretty quick drive for us. We have gone up for concerts as the venue is small and I don’t feel awkward bringing our 4 year old. haha. He totally digs it too. Amazon Prime is a wonderful thing. Factor in the iphone app and the Amazon Visa with cash back percent rewards and I often forget that I actually have to pay for all of ‘this stuff’ haha. It’s like a magic land for me. I’m all; honey, I just saved millions on Kbeauty products, bought Egyptian cotton sheets and 2 pair of shoes for the little…they were practically giving it away and that doesn’t even count the 100’s of free books I read each month! 😉 I think your blog is looking great..and I like the little ‘logo’…I need to revamp mine so badly 😦


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