Microneedling, The Final Freaking Chapter

Oh my God – the next time I even *hint* at a serial post, please stop me.  Seriously, this serial piece has derailed me to an unbelievable degree.  There have been other things that I have wanted to write about, but felt like I couldn’t until this was complete.  Then, every time I began to think about finishing this, I would just feel so daunted.  Anyway, here we go, the third and final installment in my first and last serial post!


Before you jump right in and start rolling, take a few moments to prepare your skin first.  Cleanse thoroughly, using your preferred product(s).  Once done, I highly recommend using a micellar water or other toner-type product on a cotton ball to make sure it’s really, really clean.  I like Garnier Micellar Water, available for $8 or so at most major retailers.  You might be extremely surprised to learn that your cleanser isn’t really doing as good of a job as you thought it was! I also like to exfoliate at this point because I prefer the thought of removing dead skin prior to derma rolling.  I have also been known to do a chemical peel before, but that might be a bit aggressive.  If the thought of these steps doesn’t appeal to you, skip it!   If you have sensitive skin, I definitely wouldn’t do it – at least not until you’ve determined how your skin will react to derma rolling.  If you have access to numbing cream, and it’s not medically contraindicated for you, then I would definitely go ahead and use that – then give it a few minutes to begin working.

Ready, Set…GO!

You have a clean dermal roller.  You have clean skin.  If you’re lucky, you have numb skin.  You are going to roll your entire face (and neck if you desire) in four directions in each area.  The image here gives a pretty good illustration, but basically, roll horizontally, vertically, diagonally in one direction and diagonally in the other direction all over your face.skin-needling  In areas where your skin is a little looser, use your non-dominant hand to pull the skin taut.  Roll over the skin with enough pressure to actually make a dent (remember, we are trying to damage the skin!) but not so hard that your knuckles are turning white or that you are exposing underlying muscle.  🙂  Be more gentle in sensitive areas such as the eye area.

IMPORTANT: When moving the roller from one area to another, do not drag it.  Make sure you actually lift the roller off your skin to move it.  Otherwise, you run the risk of scratching your skin which could leave the type of scarring you are trying to resolve!

Don’t be alarmed when the tiny little pinpricks of blood begin to appear.  I’ve learned that the best way to do this process is quickly – so I just roll on until I’m done.  Once complete, the product game is ON!


I visualize using product after derma-rolling as putting the pudding into the holes of a poke cake.  I’m not sure why this visual is so firmly stuck in my head, but it is – and now it will be stuck in yours too!Holiday_Poke_Cake fun monday 40  Choose products that offer the benefit you most desire.  For me, that’s always anti-aging so I will usually start with a vitamin C/hyaluronic acid serum.  Next, I typically use a sheet mask.  The main reason for this step for me is to cool and soothe my skin after the insult of derma-rolling.  It is so nice to have a cool sheet mask resting on your face for an extended period of time – and frankly, I usually need the 25 minutes to soothe my nerves after the adrenaline rush!  Choosing a sheet mask to use would be it’s own serial post. Suffice it to say there are a million and one to choose from, pick one that makes you happy.  I have been really enjoying Korean beauty products lately and their sheet masks have an amazing array of ingredients to learn about and experience.  Seriously fun stuff!


To conclude, I’m going to share some pictures.  My skin is far from perfect, but collagen induction therapy is making a difference.   I still want to have some serious cosmetic intervention, but until I have the cash laying around for that, this is an easy and inexpensivoldmee way to battle some of the signs of aging.

This first pic is one of my favorites. It was taken in 2008 by my best friend.  We were having a fun day of an impromptu photo shoot, deep conversations and laughter galore.  I was really happy in these days.  I had just finalized my divorce and physically, I was in the best shape of my life.  Despite those things that should have made me look great, my skin looked rough.  I was competing in triathlons, so I was in the sun constantly and my diet pretty much consisted of coffee and martinis.   You can see pretty significant wrinkles all over the place, and I was only 35.

This next photo is me now, immediately after a rolling session, soooo red!  Evemake-upfreemen with the redness and lack of makeup,  the crows feet are less prominent now at 43 than they were when I was 35.  The “11” lines look better here too.   Maybe it’s just because I’ve gained so much weight that my wrinkles are filling in….ha!

Finally, here is a photo taken now, after about three derma rolling sessions and with makeup on.  I haven’t done anything to the photo in terms of touch-ups or blurring.   My husband hates this picture of us, but this is my blog and he doesn’t get a vote.  Plus, I think he looks very good in it.    At any rate, it’s the most recent phmeandroboto I have of myself close up enough!  So, is my skin perfect? Nope and far from it.  But I do think it’s in much better shape than it was a decade ago, and I definitely think that the derma rolling played a part in improving the overall appearance.

Finally, this God-forsaken serial post is complete.  If you decide to give derma-rolling a try, I’d love to hear from you and your experiences with it.  I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.  I did a full treatment again yesterday and find that I really need to keep up with it and do it every 4-5 weeks for best results.  I have also purchased a roller with shorter needles to use every other day but haven’t started that process yet.

Thanks for hanging in here with me for this one – now, let’s get on to topics more fun, shall we?







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