Moondust (because…glitter!)

I have been on a bit of an eye shadow kick lately. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve been on a bit of a purchasing everything I can get my greedy little paws on lately.   A lot of it just happens to be eye shadow, and a lot of the eye shadow happens to be Urban Decay.   I have always loved Urban Decay shadows – they are so pigmented, blendable, bold, sparkly and just plain perfect.

I was keeping a pretty close eye on the UD Spectrum Palette as it was on sale at Sephora for a long time.  When the price dropped to $39, I bought it for a friend of mine that needed a little sunshine in her lifUDspectrume.  When the price dropped to $29 I bought it for myself.  It’s a gorgeous palette of both bold colors and a few neutrals, enough to have a lot of creative fun while also being something that will allow you to create some pretty basic every day looks with ease.

It’s simply gorgeous.  I will get around to swatching it eventually, but the packaging is one of the most gorgeous things I own.  The black square palette is deep, solidly constructed and has beautiful details like a filigree-type edge on the top and the UD is in faceted black plastic.

Of course, a couple of days after this little treasure arrived, I heard the news that I’ve been waiting 20 years to hear.  Urban Decay was releasing Moondust – a palette containing 8 shades of their perfectly pigmented glitter shadows.  I fell in love with the Moodust shadows 20 years ago when I picked up Space Cowboy, but as they are very pricey individually, I’ve been hoping for a palette.  Needless to say, I ordered it the moment it was released and I couldn’t  be happier.


The space-themed plastic palette is the perfect foil for this shadow collection.

Spectre is swatchesnamedthe lightest of all the shades, a soft pink base with very fine light pink and orange glitters.  It’s the perfect color to add a very subtle hint of glitter to your look and makes a gorgeous subtle accent on the inner corner. Element is a fantastic hot pink/rust color that changes dramatically depending on the light. I’ve had fun with this blowing out the under eye for a dramatic pop with a basic brown smoky eye.  Magnetic is purple – but the depth of the color is pretty dramatic and the shift is grayish/green and truly stunning.  Lightyear is begging to take your St. Patty’s Day look to the next level and makes me wish I had Irish skin and long red curls.  Granite is dark grey with a silver shift, another very wearable color – one that I’m going to have to make a conscious effort not to wear every night out.  By far my favorite of the bunch, Lithium is a gorgeous taupe with a silver shift, and I consider this an everyday glitter shadow.  The color is that perfect and I know at least one person that bought this palette specifically for that color.  Vega is a gorgeous deep blue, easily the most celestial of the bunch.  I’ve worn this color more than I should – enough to already have made a pretty big dent in the pan.  It’s deep and inky and makes me feel much smarter than I actually am.  Finally, Galaxy is the most interesting of the shades – a charcoal base with a duo-chrome finish that changes color dramatically as you move or the light changes.  I haven’t gotten to it much yet.  moondustswatches

Trying to take photos of this palette to do the colors justice was very challenging, although I’m sure my neighbors enjoyed watching me contort my arm to try and catch the glitters in the best light while simultaneously trying to snap a picture.

This is a limited-edition offering from Urban Decay, so if you’ve been considering it, it’s probably worth getting sooner rather than waiting for it to go on sale.  Each of the colors is exclusive to the palette and aren’t sold as singles.  Considering that every Moondust single retails at $21, this palette is definitely a steal at $49.   Available at  Sephora, Ulta and Urban Decay, this palette really makes me want to cough up the $483 for all of the Moondust shadows.

The Verdict

While5wands - Copy I have read some reviews from other users that mention some negatives, I think those reviewers are all a little bit nuts.  It has superfine glitter, so while it creates a very sparkly look, it’s sexy and as understated as a glitter shadow could be.  If you’re looking for a chunkier, bold glitter look you will be happier with a true glitter.  I’ve seen other comments that complain about the lack of pigmentation.  Are you kidding?  In both of my pictures above, that’s one swipe of the product on a bare arm – no primer, nothing.  There is a ton of pigment in these colors and it’s gorgeous.  Finally, there is little to no fallout with these shadows, something that is quite remarkable with a glitter shadow.  I’m in love, I’m standing by my 5 wand rating, and if you try this product and don’t love it – pop that bad boy in a padded envelope and send it my way.  🙂

Thanks for reading lushies!




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