Raves & Faves – November

I’m trying to think of a cutesy name for this monthly article.  Last month I used Rants and Raves because I had a big rant – but it sounds too negative and isn’t working for me.  This month, I don’t have many rants (well, actually…)  and lots of favorites so this seems more fitting.  Going forward, however, I need something catchy that I can stick with for continuity.  Picks and Pans?  Keep or Heap?  Lust or Lose?  Well, clearly I have some work to do so if mygyou have any suggestions, send them my way.  In the meantime, let’s get on with it, shall we?

Number one on my list is this 9-pan fall eye color set from Makeup Geek Cosmetics.  I’m linking you to their Idea Gallery instead of their shopping page because it’s beautiful.  I couldn’t find this particular bundle any more, but it doesn’t matter.  I’m obsessed with Make Up Geek at the moment and every time I use these shadows I fall in love all over again.  The matte shadows are buttery and blend with ease, the foiled shadows are reflective and rich – and always create a high-impact look!  In fact, while I was linking to the website for this article, I happened (totally an accident, I swear!) to see that they are offering holiday sales and may have (accidentally, I swear!) ordered this 4-brush set.   I currently have their foiled shadow brush (pictured) and it’s as wonderful as the rest of their product line.  Love, love, love!


If you follow me on Instagram (@thefabulush) you’ve seen this picture before.  I can’t stop with these Wet n Wild Wild Shine nail polishes!  The company launched with these way back in 1979 and they are uh-mahzing.  Seriously.  They work every bit as well as some crazy expensive nail polish brands and are much better than very many mid-range brands (think O.P.I and Essie).  Easy to apply, high shine, no chips or flakes! I am seriously not ever going to buy another brand.  They are available in a wide color range, matte, metallic, glitter – everything you could want.  Also 3-free and did I mention THEY ARE LESS THAN $1 EACH.  SERIOUSLY.

I love sheet masks.  They’re like the ultimate skincare tool for lazy people – at least once you get the hang of unraveling a few.  Sometimes though, unless you get a really bad one, it can feel like a mask is a mask is a mask.  Enter Too Cool for School’s Egg Cream Mask: It might not change your life, but it will definitely change your opinion of sheet masks.   Good thing, too – it’s a fairly pricey way to get #sheetfaced at around $4.50 per mask.


The actual mask is a soft microfiber that is thick enough to hold the essence but thin enough to mold completely to your face.  This mask also happened to fit my face really well – a definite first.  The essence is a thick, white cream (thus the name) that contains egg extracts (gross), coconut water, niacinamide and camu camu.    Rich in Vitamins B and C, this mask promises hydration and brightening – and wow! it delivers.  After a nice, long 45 minutes (the thickness of the essence means the mask stays moist a long time) my skin was visibly plumped and glowy.  As an added bonus the appearance of the essence is ripe for all sorts of inappropriate jokes.  At least if your sense of humor is, like mine, that of a 14-year old boy.  Ahem.  Anyway, I am going to use this little dab of Korean Beauty (can we please make Keauty happen????)  to segue into my one beauty-related rant this month…



As you know, I love subscription boxes and I love Keauty (Imma keep trying until it sticks!) so when I heard about Bomibox I was very excited.  Bomibox self-declares to be the “ultimate Korean beauty box” with 8 full-size or deluxe sample sized Korean beauty products for $37 per month.  It launched in September 2016 and I felt sort of special to be part of the first month and had this romantic subscription box fantasy about a lifetime of happiness enabling me to say, “I remember when I got my first Bomibox!”.  OK, maybe that’s a little dramatic.  BUT, I was looking forward to getting to try deluxe samples and/or full-sized products from Korean beauty brands because I’m not super familiar with a lot of the brands and/or ingredients and I liked the idea of having someone do the heavy-lifting on product testing for me.  Truth be told, I thought it would be a monthly version of my bi-monthly Pink Seoul Plus box with a wider variety of products, because Pink Seoul ROCKS.

September 2016

The first box was really great.  I do recall thinking at the time that I found it a little disingenuous to consider 2 individual sheet masks”full-sized” products, but the other stuff was really generous, so I let it slide.  It contained 4 full-sized items, 2 masks, and a deluxe sample hand cream.  Plus, they tossed in all these little trinkets that were fun bonuses.

The October box arrived after multiple emails apologizing for it’s lateness – apparently one of the items was delayed on it’s journey across the Pacific.  This really didn’t bother me much at all, I appreciated being kept informed of the delay, but I decided to cancel my sub after the box arrived.

October 2016

While this box was pretty good, I was still a bit annoyed by the sheet masks counting as full-sized products, and while I liked most of the included products, I would not have purchased them except for the Skin Food Rice Mask.  I cancelled as soon as the October box arrived, which should have been plenty of time to process the cancellation prior to shipping November’s box, but apparently it wasn’t and I received it anyway (pictured above).  Right, so I don’t know what happened during the month of November, but this box is total shit….for $37.  That led me down a rabbit hole I should have avoided, but did not.  The value of the November box was around $50 – without doing any comparison shopping and in some instances choosing the most expensive option for the product (like an $8 Etude House headband from a brick and mortar retailer when it’s available on Amazon for $4).

This isn’t the way subscription boxes work.  When you buy a sub box  you are paying a company to market to you.  It’s another marketing coup created by the popularity of the internet and social media and it’s amazing for companies.  I have always understood my role in this sub box relationship, and what the subscriber gets in return is value – usually around 3x.  Take Boxycharm for example: the subscription is $21 per month, and the value is always well over $100.  I can’t envision a scenario in which I would cancel my Boxycharm subscription because it always delights me.  It’s always worth every penny.  That’s the way this should work.

Calculating the value of the November box made me curious about the previous boxes. Guess what I learned?  Yeah, you guessed it.  The value of the prior boxes was also around $50.  Do you know how much Keauty I could buy with $150?  A LOT.  And, I’d purchase them somewhere that threw in a bunch of freebies that would further stretch my dollar. So, if you’re part of the Bomi Tribe, you’re doing business with a shady company and you’re getting ripped off.  For real.

While I’m bitching about November AND shady business dealings,  I hatrumpve to point out one tiny thing:  Congratulations, America!  You elected a President that is completely comfortable mocking someone with physical disabilities.  This isn’t a political blog, but this blog does support beauty in all of it’s imperfections.  Given that, The Fabulush cannot support a person that can’t hold his shit together long enough to not do that. ——–>

I don’t want to end this post on a negative though, so I’m bringing you this amazing eye design from @joamerchan for your December enjoyment and inspo.  This absolutely adorable this Santa-hat eye design is delightful in every imaginable way.  My daughter has the lead in her Christmas dance performance and they are wearing little Santa-inspired outfits.  You better bet that this is happening.  Tomorrow.  I love it.  If you love it to and decide to watch thesantahat tutorial and give it a shot, please share it with me – I’d love to see.  If I manage to recreate this to any decent degree, I’ll be sure to share it with you on Instagram!

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend, filled with plenty of time to devote to yourself and your own selfish pursuits!



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  1. Once again I am loving your in depth reviews. Have you tried the 1 step wonder gel by wet n wild? I think they are around $4 but I think they are amazing. I never use top coat when I wear these polishes because they are really shiny on there own.


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