Influenster x Becca!

fullsizerender-3Hi Beauties!  I won the @Influenster lottery (if you’re not familiar with Influenster, read on) and scored the Beccca Vox Box.  This box featured three amazing products from Becca Cosmetics including their NEW First Light Priming FilterSoft Light Blurring Powder and their Soft Kabuki Brush…seriously!  If you’re not familiar with Becca, crawl out from under your rock and head to Sephora.  Becca basically single-handedly started the highlighter trend and offer a ton of products that are simply gorgeous for adding luminosity to your skin.

img_6533I was so excited about the First Light Priming Filter.  I had sent a text message to a friend the same day to chat about it.  You see, I would put the brand’s Back Light Priming Filter firmly in my top 5 (probably top 3) primers.  It adds a beautiful glow to your skin – which is great on those days when you just aren’t feeling your best.  I also love color correcting, and use lavender quite a bit to brighten the dull.  This First Light Primer seemed to offer the best of both worlds!  It is a very light fluid with a faint citrus scent that I really like.  It is so light as you massage it in that it feels almost like water which I think would make it great for all skin types.  Since it is so light, however, I have found that it is better to use it after you’ve applied concealer or color corrector.  I also have been using a pore-filling primer in some areas with it.  I’m not sure that it does much for extending the application or wear time of my foundation (unlike the Back Light which definitely does) but it does provide a lovely soft light.  If you’re looking for a subtle and pretty glow, this might be the perfect product for you.

I typically do not wear powder, and here’s why.  When you’re past “a certain age” and have dry skin, the only thing powder is going to do for you is settle into your fine lines wrinkles and make you look even older.  If I do use powder, I use a light dusting of something extremely finely milled such as Laura Mercier’s Translucent Loose Setting Powder.  All that to say that I didn’t expect much from this powder.  Especially since the marketing materials state that it’s like walking around with an Instagram filter on your face.  All I could think was “suuuurreeee”.


When I looked at the powder and saw the VERY peachy color, and the relatively thick grains, I knew I was in trouble. Well, I was SO WRONG.  This powder is truly amazing.  The peachy color  hasn’t altered by skin tone at all with application and it doesn’t settle into lines at all.  The only description that is really apt is that you look like you’re walking around with an Instagram filter on your face!  It’s crazy amazing and I will absolutely repurchase this.  In fact, I may use it head to toe!


The only filter on this photo is the powder, and since I was doing hardcore product testing, I was using a foundation that I dislike a great deal.  You should see what it looks like with a great foundation!

So appreciative that I had the opportunity to try these amazing products.  If you’re interested in trying free products, join Influenster!  You get to share your opinions on a variety of products and topics, and sometimes, you get amazing packages like this one – and it’s not just cosmetics…there are sections for foodies, animal lovers, home goods and almost anything else you can think of!

If you’re interested, sign up using my Referral Code or let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, beauties!



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