Blender Hacks

Hey Beauties and Happy Friday!

I’ve got a super quick post for you today on some hackables with your blending sponge.  I’m not going to gblenderset into a discussion around which sponge is better because you’ve probably already decided whether the Beauty Blender™ is worth the premium or not!  So I’m just going to refer to your sponge-of-choice as “Blender” (remember the Seinfeld “spongeworthy” episode?  🙂

Hack #1 – Use your facial cleanser to clean your blender.  This is more of a cleanser hack than a blender hack, but just go with it.  You see, if your cleanser will not clean off all of the makeup gunking up your sponge, do you think it’s really cleaning your face?!?!  It’s not.  I promise.  And yes, that’s gross.  Don’t take my word for it, though – give it a shot.  If it doesn’t clean most everything off your blender, use it to wash your face, then test it by cleaning your face with micellar water.  Gross, right?

Hack #2 – Cut an old blender lengthwise so that it’s as flat as possible.  Use this flat bit to touch your face after you’ve already applied make-up (like, when pulling at the corner of your eye to get that liner line just right) so that you don’t leave fingerprints in your pretty canvas.  These blender strips are also great for whisking away any other imperfections.  If you get a dot of mascara somewhere, let it dry completely (no seriously, don’t touch it until it’s dry!) then use this to flick it off.  You’ll be amazed at how perfect the rest of your eye makeup remains one the little mascara interloper is gone!  But it has to be dry, dry.  A Q-tip will also work to flick it off.

Hack #3 – Apply your favorite highlighter with a damp blender.  It works magically with cream highlighters, but also works with powders.  This little trick works best when you press the highlighter into your skin. It gives the same effect as applying shadows with wet brushes – it intensifies the color and saturation a lot.  It’s gorgeous, and bright – you might have moths dive-bombing your face all night.

Hack #4 – Snag a couple plastic Easter eggs from a kid you know – and use them to transport your blender.  It makes keeping it in your purse a cinch.  It stays clean, the eggs can be really cute (depending on how cool the parents of the kid you stole it sweet-talked into giving it to you) and if you break one, it’s not a big deal.

Hack #5 – And the answer to why you need to carry a blender around in your purse in an Easter egg… and my favorite beauty trick ever….

You all know how much I love hydrating mists.  A few times a day, spray a bit of your favorite mist on your blending sponge and pat onto your face.  It helps keep your foundation looking so fresh and glowy.  This little trick keeps full-coverage foundations out of your fine lines and wrinkles, keeps your face looking freshly done and best of all – feels amazing and helps your makeup last longer.  I really love some of the more herbal hydrating mists like Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir or Farmacy’s Skin Dew for this purpose – they perk me up and feel a bit antiseptic (in a good way) on my skin!

Happy Blending!






  1. Love it when I learn something new and you have me some new ideas I’ll actually try!!!especially that last one ~bodaciousbeautybabes


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