Skin care is so important…but you know that.  I didn’t know that as early as I should have, but I went for it once I did – and I’m still in the process of correcting the damage.  Chemical peels, lasers, injectibles – I’ve done them all and will do them all again. BUT… I had a horrifying realization the other day and now you get to hear about it.

Consider this my public service announcement to millennials*  – so often on social media I see great content created by younger women and men who have already really embraced skincare and sun care.  It always makes me really happy to see because had I started earlier I would probably look 5 years younger.  But back to the realization…

I haven’t done a very good job of extending that care down my neck and chest! I was taking some selfies to show off the new mega-bargain Viseart Petit Pro palette (when you can find it in stock!) and noticed what you can plainly see – my neck and décolleté look terrible! So much sun damage! So many years of sub-Saharan dryness left unmoisturized! So many years of failing to drink 8 glasses a day! So many days of Crisco and Sun-In!


So, I don’t think we need any more words now that we have the photo for reference. My face is exactly the same age as my chest. I’m not wearing a ton of concealer, I’ve managed to eliminate the dark spots with peels.  If you zoom in a little you can see the deep creases in my chest. The solution is simple – just carry your current products all the way down your neck and chest! Learn from me – and embrace sunscreen. Every. Single. Day.

Kisses beauties!

*You can also consider this my love letter to millenials. This group gets a bad rap for being entitled,  narcissistic and needing instant gratification but in my experience, I find them to be efficient, ambitious and eager to communicate.

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