ColouredRaine Queen of Hearts Palette Review

Hi beauties! I have had this palette for a month and a half or so, and I have taken a greCRpaletteat deal of time with it to bring you the best review possible.  I hope you’ll enjoy this review and my swatches, but if you’re pressed for time… you can’t go wrong with this brand.  Coloured Raine was new to me, but seeing this Queen of Hearts palette all over Instagram gave me a major case of the wanties.

Since I wasn’t familiar with the company, I wanted to learn a bit about them.  From their website:  “An edgy collection of bold, colorful, cruelty-free cosmetics have won Coloured Raine a devoted following of those who recognize the true beauty of their show-stopping formulas.

Founded in 2013 by Loraine, who longed for a cosmetic line that encouraged self-expression and diversity, these stand-out cosmetics break all beauty barriers. With long-lasting lip formulas in an array of unparalleled hues, Coloured Raine is renowned as the most beautiful and exotic makeup in the world.”

I love edgy.  I love show-stopping formulas.  And, I love (BIG LOVE) diversity – something I think we all need to love a little more these days.  Obviously, I ordered it, and obviously, I’m having one hell of a time getting a decent photo of the palette itself.    That’s partially because the weather was miserably uncooperative for several days, and partially because I couldn’t wait to get my grubby paws all over it and ruined the prettiness.  Therein lies my ONLY complaint about this palette.  It is made of that soft, black material that loves foundation fingers so much it decides to keep your fingerprints forever and ever on the beautiful black material.  On the upside, if it ever gets stolen, I won’t have to work very hard to prove it’s actually mine!

But seriously, the graphics on the outside are absolutely stunning as you can tell, and that’s about where the luxury of the actual palette itself ends.  The inside has a small mirror, but it’s sort of foil wrapped and cheap.  Now, this is far from a deal-breaker for me.  It works just fine.  I would never travel with it, but if it bothered me a lot I would just depot it and put in a Z Palette Make Up Forever Palette.*  OK, back to business.

First up: Swatches!  Every swatch in this post is a finger swatch, one swipe and I primed my arm with Urban Decay Original Primer Potion ($20) mostly because after this many swatches, my skin was very red and splotchy!


From bottom to top:

Crown is a gorgeous, pearly/foiled white.  I don’t have anything exactly like it – you can blend it out so that it’s a gorgeous, subtle highlight or pack it on for a major glow.  It is simply beautiful. I’m living for it in the inner corner of my eye.  Royal Highness is an extremely wearable foiled neutral that pulls cool.  Super versatile and wearable.  Your Majesty is majestic – a true gold, foiled, creamy and incredibly pigmented.  Princess – a dusty rose, matte color that is great as a transition shade or a lid color.  Empress is the least wearable shade for me in the palette, but as far as mattes go, it’s incredibly creamy and pigmented.  I love this as a crease color against Your swatchesbottomMajesty on the lid.  Finally, Queen Mother is one of the most beautiful, rich purples I own.  I really love it.

The bottom row is where things get really fun! From top to bottom – Heir is a great transition color.  It’s another creamy matte that blends easily in a pretty peach color.  Royal Prerogative is a matte brown that isn’t very exciting, but is very versatile.  Noblewoman is life.  It’s a rich, foiled red that I just cannot get enough of.  Ladyship is the streakiest of the mattes, probably due to the intense pigmentation, but this purple color is amazing. Duchess and Dethrone are gorgeous chocolate foils that I could wear endlessly.  I wore them both yesterday…and revisited the look today.  Simply stunning.

Overall, this palette is amazing, and I can’t help but compare them to Makeup Geek Cosmetics.  Both the mattes and the foils in this palette are almost identical in texture to Makeup Geek, so I pulled out my MUG collection to compare.


Since it appears the palette is no longer available, let’s talk about these shadows in terms of single pans.  Makeup Geek (MUG) pans are typically $6 each and the Coloured Raine (CR) pans are $6.99 each.  Given that there is so little difference between the two, I think I would probably opt for MUG simply because with every six, I could get a freebie.  If Coloured Raine continues to produce great quality palettes like this one – full of interesting and wearable colors with a combination of textures and finishes with some bold pops mixed in, I would continue to purchase the palettes.  I think MUG would be well-served to offer more bundled products that combined textures.

Overall, you couldn’t make a mistake purchasing either company’s product, and I would solely base it on what colors you love.  At first glance, I thought the Coloured Raine palette carried multiple MUG dupes, but as you can see from the swatches below, the colors are very unique – at least in terms of the MUG pans that I own (which is all of the foils except the expansion pack and a few mattes).

As for how the Coloured Raine shadows last – you’ll find this photo entertaining.  After I took the swatch photos, I had some errands to run.  Five hours later, after much activity that should have done a real number on the shadow, I looked at my arm and noticed that it’s staying power was very impressive.

I’m very happy with this collection and I love all of the colors.  I will likely depot them all at some point (when I start hitting pan on some of my favorite colors) but until then, my black soft material palette will be ugly – but the looks I create will be amazing!

So, beauties – do you know what that material is actually called? Do you have the same problem with other palettes that use this?  Have you tried Coloured Raine?  I’d love to hear from you!



*I am making this reference solely for the purpose of sharing the attached images with you.  Personally, I’ve always thought Z Palettes were a joke. The quality is average at best, you absolutely cannot travel with them and the clear plastic lid leaves my shadows open to potential damage.  Lately, however, the way they have been treating their customers on social media is absurd.  I’m not sure if they think they are being funny, or if they think their product is really superior enough to behave that way, but it’s disgusting and I hope you will never purchase a thing from them.  What really burns my ass is the “you can’t afford it” bit…. it’s so tacky and tasteless.  Please give the matter some consideration, though, and decide if this is the type of organization you feel your dollars/pesos/rubles should support.

The Make Up Forever palettes are amazing and available in wide variety of sizes.  I write what they contain on the top with a silver sharpie.  When I want to change the writing, alcohol will remove the Sharpie and then it’s easy to scribble whatever new genius thought I’m having on it instead.





  1. Girl, I agree on the Z Palette mess. They should be so embarrassed at their behavior. I have never bought one, because like you I think they are tacky and cheap (but expensive for what you get). Also, you are leaving with me with the wanties too. This palette is beautiful!


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