Affiliations & the ‘Lush

Hey Babes!  I want to take a moment to discuss affiliations, affiliate links and sponsored posts.   One, I want to be extremely transparent about my position on the topic and my approach to affiliations.  Also, I figured I would just create this document now so that in the future I can simply link to this post when another post has affiliate links! I’m so all about the multi-tasking.  😉

As I grow my social media presence and The Fabulush, opportunities for affiliations exist.  I absolutely plan to take advantage of these opportunities for several reasons.

  • They provide content that is interesting (hopefully for both of us).
  • They include better graphics than I can create (at least until I have my own marketing department – HA!).
  • You may be able to take advantage of special offers or sales through such links!
  • I receive a small commission if you purchase through one of my links.  This matters to me!  I would love nothing more than for The Fabulush to become my full-time job and the more revenue the brand earns the more content and resources I can bring to the table.  AND…the more products I can try so you don’t have to!

Lately, I have watched many a YouTube video lately disparaging affiliate links and influencers that use them, and I honestly don’t understand why there is negativity around the topic.  I suppose that if influencers are not selective about which products they choose to endorse, recommend sub-standard products only for money and/or only post products they are paid to promote it could be problematic.  I think these people are in the minority.

I will never praise a product that I do not truly love, I will never give a positive review to a company or product that I do not feel great about and my opinions will always be my own.

If I’m missing something, let’s discuss!  Thanks for reading….





  1. I don’t understand why people have an issue with affiliate codes …people want to save money and like the person they’re following, but get upset if they make money???
    It’s not like someone is lying and omitting that fact!
    It’s a win-win situation. I think people who are truly loyal followers will be happy for you and support someone by using their affiliate codes!

    Congrats on continued growth!


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