Cheek Parade

Who the heck buys a blush palette when you already own three of the five shades? This girl, when it’ Benefit Cosmetics Cheek Parade! Let’s just take a moment to admire it, then I’ll share my thoughts.

Ready for a Close Up!

Isn’t she lovely? This palette was built around the pretty little ray of sunshine that is the newest color in Benefit’s powdered blushes/bronzers… Galifornia. As a single color, Galifornia comes packaged in the same adorable cardboard box that Benefit is known for and that I just love (I especially can’t say no the mini versions ever!). For $29, you receive an enormous box filled with blushing happiness and an applicator brush that’s adorable, although mostly useless.

But when Benefit offers blush palettes, I jump.  I love the texture of these powders – they are more finely milled than many powder blushes which makes them easy to blend and easy to build up to your preferred level of pretty.  Last year, I purchased the Real Cheeky Party palette which is now sold-out but included Rockateur, Sugarbomb, Coralista, Dandelion and Hoola (among some non-cheek goodies).  Packaged to the usual level of Benefit perfection, my daughter begged for the tin as a pencil box.  Beaming with pride, I began depotting, only to send Dandelion to an early demise victimizing, but not totally ruining Hoola and my favorite area rug.  It hardly mattered though, there are always Hoola backups – usually of the tiny variety – at Casa Lush and while Dandelion is super pretty, it’s a sweet and soft color that rarely suits my moods.

The Packaging

Eye-catching & Super Fun!

“I hate Benefit’s packaging” – said no makeup lover ever! This fun, retro & uber girlie blush palette screams summer to me.  The cardboard box is fairly sturdy, with a generous mirror.  I love how the bright blue stands out in my palette drawer against all the black, just catching a glimpse of it makes me want to use it.  Despite the sturdiness of the box, I wouldn’t travel with it – and I won’t try to depot it either, based on my last experience!


Subtle Shades are hard to Photograph

Hoola has long been my HG bronzer.  There are others I like, but I always come back to this one.  It’s great on my skin tone, I love that it’s truly matte and well, the box.   Hoola Lite was new to me – and it’s really pretty! I wish I would have had this over the winter.  It’s just exactly what it says it is – and I’m sure the fair-skinned of the world rejoiced.  Dandelion is a very pretty, very feminine soft pink.  It’s almost invisible on my very-medium-leaning-light skin, but I love it on my daughter.   Rockateur is definitely my favorite powdered blush (there are loads of cream products I also love) and I could wear it daily for any occasion and be completely happy.  It has a bit of so many colors in it, and it all combines in a way that can only be called pretty.  This version is amped up with a cool pattern and a gold, glittery embossing that is gorgeous to look at, pretty on the skin and impossible to capture on camera (for me).  All that glittery stuff also applies to this version of Galifornia, but it suits the bright sun pattern so perfectly that I totally get it.  I haven’t spent enough time with this color to really tell you my thoughts, but on first glance, I think I’m going to love it.  Even if it were a fail, the palette would still be a winner.

The Stars of the Show

This palette is a definite yes for me, and if it doesn’t sell out before the VIB rouge sale, I’ll likely pick up a backup – I like it that much! I purchased this through The Mother Ship for points, but Benefit has some interesting GWP’s right now.  Here for $58, you can score free shipping, a deluxe sample of the Goof Proof Brow pencil and two free samples.  If you increase your order to a minimum of $65, you can also become the owner of an eye palette!  Details on the freebies can be found Here!

If you’re wondering what you can add to your order, Gimme Brow will be on my March faves list – along with a few other fun new products.  And speaking of the Sephora points, the VIB Rouge sale is right around the corner, I’ll be getting my shopping list ready to share with you soon!



Last Glance!




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