Haute Mess

IMG_7883Today has felt so much more like what I intended my time off to be. I woke early and spent the morning with my husband and kids before work/school. What this really translates to is: I sat on the back patio in the cool morning air playing games on my tablet while avoiding the rest of the family, except for the absurd line of pediatric questioning that I couldn’t avoid as it was directed directly at me.

Boy child, 15: “Mom, are you any good at Chemistry? I’m gonna need some help because my teachers expect us to do all the learning at home on our own and in class we are supposed to work on application!” The cruelty of the education system – making children responsible for their own learning! Hmpf.

Girl child, 12: “Mom, can I have this (my) bottle of water to take to school?” Me, “No.” Girl:  “But I don’t have a water bottle and I’m going to get soooo thirsty!” Whiny voice, actual tears welling up in eyes.

After they left, I went for a walk.  The arthritis has destroyed my feet more than anything (such an irony as I love shoes as much as I love beauty products), so it was nice to have time for a slow walk.  I broke a tiny sweat, my heart rate was a bit higher than my baseline 100 and I forgot that the back half of the 1.5 miles was all uphill.  At home, I did a yoga workout from Daily Burn that was listed as “restorative” which sounded like just the thing.  My hips and feet were screaming at me so I sat in the bathtub alternating heat and cold for well over an hour.

Writing about this pathetic little workout with pride is painful.  You see, it wasn’t that long ago that I was a triathlete.  I don’t have aspirations of getting back to that place because I can’t imagine ever being able to tolerate the bodily insults from running, but it did send me out to find some new workout clothes!


It also got me thinking about which fun products I would keep in my workout bag so that when I go back to work, I can keep up the exercise without looking like a hot mess in the Texas heat.  I don’t know what I’m going to do about the exercise induced nap requirement yet, however.  Hey, I can only solve one problem at a time!

I whittled the GRWM look down to 14 products, half of which are totally optional.  The total time to out-the-door ready is about 10 minutes!  Check back tomorrow for the full report on which products made the cut – and I’ll share my look using only the included products – and tell you which ones I left out!

xoxo, Amanda

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