Sabbatical Day One

So my incredible plans for the day didn’t go as planned.  I slept ALL day Saturday which threw everything back a day.  Sunday, the hubs and I cleaned all day – which pushed the grocery shopping to today.  After that, I came home and slept for another three hours.  I guess that is the point of this though.

At some point during this sabbatical, I want to create my own beauty room.  My daughter got a room upgrade, so the smallest, purplest room in the house is going to be my new beauty room.  It’s where Cristina (@the_beauty_rookie) and I will hopefully be filming for our YouTube channel that doesn’t exist yet!  We rarely agree on products, so I think you’ll be in for some laughs anyway.


Here’s the current situation.  It will get better.   I’m hoping that there will be enough room in there to move all of my things (clothes, jewelry, shoes) up there and have a dressing room.   That might be a lofty goal, this room is way smaller than any closet that has ever appeared on Bravo!

Hopefully I’ll have a little update on the room tomorrow!

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