Pretty Makers

As promised, here is the continuation of yesterday’s post.  I promised that a complete look could be done with 15 items including tools.   Yesterday, I highlighted the skincare portion of the look and today I’m going to focus on the cosmetics.  The prep and prime portion of events, which you can read here and used a total of 6 products.  To finish the look, I have a wide selection of tools and products that will make your look sun- and sweat-proof – and pretty!


For ease, there is nothing quite like this $39 Stila palette.  Perfect Me, Perfect Hue comes in four different shades, each designed to suit a specific skin tone.  This is the medium version and it suits my skin extremely well.  The darker of the two blushes can double as a contour on me, while the lighter peach color has a ton of sparkle.  The large color on the upper left is a great matte highlight, base color or powder in a pinch.  With four shadow colors, it’s easy to create a soft and subtle look, or amp up the drama with the rich plum.  I don’t like my makeup to leave the security of my house, but this is a great traveler due to the large mirror and hard sides.

If this doesn’t float your boat, you can always build your own.  I love the Makeup Geek Vault (for it’s hard sides and large mirror).  It’s only $13 and holds either 9 standard size shadow pans or two large pans with four shadows.  I order one every time I order from Makeup Geek – if it’s in stock!  Actually, while getting the link for this post, I might have accidentally ordered one.  And the Spring Fling bundle.  Their site may be really touchy.  I advise caution.

I’m obsessed with these dual-ended  brushes from tarte.  You can snag an eye-shadow brush for $24 here but all of their brushes are great and they constantly have new, fun offerings.   I’m also very in love with my scratchy brushes from Morphe and Makeup Geek!

IMG_7950Another cheek product I will always adore is the Stila Convertible Colors.   They are offered in palettes, which I don’t like because the pans are too small for a blush brush and in this form for $25.  I love the lip and cheek colors because they can be applied liIMG_7949ghtly for a sheer, glowy color or built up for a pop.  They blend beautifully and I haven’t found a single shade that isn’t awesome yet!

Everyone has their favorite lippies.  Here are a few of my most loved nudes. My current favorite is the Manna Cosmetics.  This is the first lip gloss that I’ve ever found that has great color saturation while being ultra-hydrating….and not a tiny bit sticky.   You can buy them for $24 from Manna Cosmetics, and I’d stock up.  Once you try it you will be blown away.

Tame your brows, pop a coat of mascara on and you’re all set.  IMG_7959I’m hopeless with my hair, but I’m working on perfecting a casual, no-heat look.  I will take all the tips you’ve got – but what I’m loving this season is the anything goes philosophy with regards to what you put in your hair!  I love scent of this Beach Spray from Marc Anthony and every Living proof product I’ve purchased has made my hair look so much better than I usually do!

So, there you have it, beach babes.  A super fast and super portable routine that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy and have you moving effortlessly between home-gym-work-errands-kids-life-oh-my-god-I-need-a-break.

But let’s be honest, what really matters is what it looks like.  Here’s what I came up with! I hope you will share your go-to on-the-go products!

IMG_7874xoxo, Amanda

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