A Day Well Spent

Today was the first day that I’ve really been out and about in a while, and it was nice. The weather is perfect.  My husband’s company is moving in to a bigger office and I went to help choose paint and carpet today.  Next week, I will get to start decorating – which is amazingly fun with someone else’s wallet.

After, I decided to pop in HomeGoods to see if I could find anything “for the office”.   I didn’t manage to find anything for the office, but I found tons of things for the beauty room that I’m working on.   My daughter received a room upgrade, so I’m turning her old room into a beauty room.  This will be where my friend and I film our YouTube videos in the near future – and I cannot wait until we are ready to tell you all about it.  The problem I’m having is that I want this room to look amazing and plush and girlie but I don’t want to spend much doing so!

Inspo for Beauty Room

Finally, I’m excited to report tomorrow.  I’ve been invited, courtesy of Influenster to attend a store opening for a new Austin area Origins store! They are hosting mini-facials and I’m taking along a few beauty friends – I know it’s going to be a blast!

Current Beauty Room Reality (not quite there)

As always, beauties – thanks for reading.  Please subscribe, share and comment.

xoxo, Amanda

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