Natasha Denona Swatch Party


Hey beauties!

As you may have heard, Natasha Denona (ND) recently launched a new, limited-edition palette. The Sunset Palette  sold out incredibly fast once released online, but I was able to order one and you can be sure there will be a full review as soon as it arrives!

In discussion about whether the Sunset Palette was actually worth the $129 price tag with my beauty bestie (@the_beauty_rookie), she guessed that it couldn’t compare to the quality of Viseart eye shadows.  She also wondered how it compared to the already legendary Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH) Modern Renaissance (MR) palette.

I’ve done a full review on the ND Star Palette which you can read here, but I thought it would be fun to see the answers to both of The Beauty Rookie’s questions and compare these shadows side by side.  These palettes all vary quite a bit in price and my first, and most important comment is this:  each one of these palettes is amazing.  The quality of shadow all three of these companies produce is exceptional and you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

Modern Renaissance v. Star Palette


Poor lighting not withstanding, aren’t these beautiful!  I’ve had the Star for about 6 months (so messy!) and the MR for about two weeks.  I’ve clearly loved them both.

The following swatches are on my forearm primed with a drugstore concealer that I bought after reading great comments on Instagram.  I don’t care for it, but it’s perfectly good as a swatch base to cover up redness and whatnot.  Then, I swiped a color with my finger and smeared it on.  The only rule was that my finger only hit the color once!


The matte browns in the two palettes are similar, but not the same.  Both brands have quite a bit of kickback, but I have found that to be true with all highly pigmented colors.  The colors are all creamy and blendable and obviously very pigmented.  Raw Sienna in the MR palette is my least favorite, it seems drier than the others and the swatch started as one big chunk.


The dark and red mattes are also similar in color and texture, and I think the ones in the MR are better.   There are quite a few similarities  in the palettes, obvi.  BUT…each palette also has some differences.

Shades unique to MR are:


I love the shimmers here, Realgar is a great burnt orange, a pretty popular color around my  town! Buon Fresco is a muted, gray purple that I use all the time, but never would have chosen out of a lineup.  It looks sort of like a bruise when you swatch it, but it’s really great to work.  I really like the way it brings out the grey in my eyeballs.

Some of the colors that are unique to the Star are pictured below. These are the shimmers and chroma crystals. I love wearing these and use them often, but it does annoy me how much the chroma crystals have uglied-up my palette! As you can correctly guess, there’s a bit of fallout with these. ;-).


Broom line: I love both of these palettes and while some of the sheds are similar, I’m happy I have both because they are also very different. Obviously, at $42 the MR is much more affordable that the $169 Star.  You’re not comparing apples to apples, however.  I’m not going to calculate the product weights, but the pans in the Star are much larger and it has 18 colors compared to MR’s 14.

Natasha v. Viseart












I don’t like applying eyeshadow with my finger so these swatches are done with a brush. I used my Makeup Geek Foiled Shadow Brush ($8.5) because it picks up a ton of color! I don’t have any full-sized Viseart palettes, so I used the Viseart Petit PRO ($30) and the Viseart Theory Minx II ($45).  The color numbering goes a little something like this:


I just chose similar shades and brushed them on next to each other.


My thoughts on the comparison here is that the brands are nearly identical. The quality is exceptional, they have a very similar feel, and all blend like a dream. In terms of price, the Theory palette’s pans are similar in size to the Star. If you just look at an estimated price per color, ND is about $2 more per color.

I love the variety of textures and colors in ND’s palettes more than I like the lack of variety in Viseart’s Full-size palettes ($80), but if I’m being honest, I’ll most likely keep buying both.  Both brands are amazing and I love that both brands have smaller versions that make them slightly more accessible, but still very spendy!

What do you think? Which ones are your faves? I can’t wait to bring you the Sunset Palette review. It’s just so gorgeous and has me counting down the days until I’m beachside!




  1. The shimmers don’t need any help at all – they are smooth and creamy and amazing. I’ve never tried a glue with the crystals because I typically just use them for a spot of sparkle! If you used a glitter glue, you could absolutely build up a great crystal look. I’ll try it when I get home today once I don’t have to run any more errands!


  2. I don’t think ND prices are unreasonable gram for gram. It’s just hard for people to hand over all that money at once. Fortunately she offers the 5 shade palettes for $48, if I recall correctly. I wish she’d bring out new ones!


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