Silkah Skin 18 Review

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Today’s post is super interesting (I think), and originally appeared on my favorite site for Asian beauty, Amabie! Let’s jump in, shall we?
















I was so excited when offered the opportunity to try Silkah’s Skin 18 System from the company and Amabie! If you aren’t familiar with Silkah, you should be! This Taiwanese company is doing some pretty interesting things in the realm of science-based skincare, but current enough to understand the value of pretty packaging!

The kit that I received and will be reviewing, is a stem-cell based anti-aging system that includes the Skin 18 stem-cell product, an activating serum for the dehydrated stem cells, sheet masks and a moisturizer. There is also a tiny bamboo holder and it’s all packaged in a beautiful Tiffany-esque blue. I was sent four weeks of the system with the promise of taking a picture each week at the same time of day in the same lighting to see test the efficacy of the product and then sharing my thoughts in this honest review.  I didn’t exactly get the same lighting each week (that’s weather in Texas for ya) but I think we can all decide how well the products worked from the photo nonetheless.

So, first impressions – SO impressive. The packaging is just lovely and the company has really paid a ton of attention to detail (the little bamboo holder, for example) and I love that they combining powerful, clinical skincare in pretty packaging. Just love it. Of course, I hurried to take some “before” photos, because I wanted to hurry up and get to the fun stuff!

The mixing process is really kind of fun. The dehydrated stem-cell concentrate (I’ll just call them stem cells from here on out) comes in a bottle similar to a perfume sample spray bottle, but larger. The dehydrated stem-cells are in the bottom and I do recommend shaking them a bit before you add the serum just to loosen them up. You unscrew the top, and add the serum. There are lines on the stem-cell spray bottle to indicate how much you use nightly, and the bottle holds three days worth of treatment. The amount you are supposed to use each night is exactly the right amount as indicated on the bottle – enough to thoroughly moisten your neck and chest, but not dripping.


You up use the stem cells at night, because they are quite fragile and acids such as Vitamin C will destroy them. I also liked feeling that it had more time to work on repairing my skin while I slept. A word about the scent: it is an usual scent. I’m an OR nurse and we use various types of freeze-dried products (such as bone) often. The scent of this part of the Frozen 18 system has that exact scent. I liked it because it made me feel like it was truly a medical-grade product! If you’re not familiar with it, however, it might be a little strange at first. It’s way better than if they added some fake fragrance though!


The moisturizer is in the same type of bottle that Drunk Elephant’s C firma is in, but again in the pretty blue. it feels fairly light when you dispense it, and absorbs completely. I think it would be very effective for all skin types. I have super dry skin so I was concerned that it wouldn’t be hydrating enough for me. I was wrong. It’s very nourishing but not at all oily. There were a couple days during my 4 week trial that were drier than normal and I added a bit extra oil on top, but didn’t really need more moisture than this provided. It has a light, clean scent. Not floral, maybe slightly citrus, but very subtle and not bothersome at all.

The sheet masks….OMG THE SHEET MASKS…. I love them. They are very, very thin and fit beautifully. I actually fell asleep with one on one night! There was about a reasooon of essence left over, which of course I used on my neck and chest.


Now, onto what you really want to know…did it work? Well, the attached photos clearly speak for themselves. After the first couple of uses, my skin felt much tighter and more lifted, but when I imparted week 1 to week 2 pictures, I didn’t really notice much difference. At this point though, there was enough about the system that I liked that I wanted to keep using it – mostly because mixing the stem cells was super fun. 😝

I would definitely buy this system again, but I would also buy any part of the system to use alone. The masks are just perfect, I’m still using the moisturizer every night (with plenty still left at 5 weeks of nightly use) and I think the pictures show how well the stem cells worked quite clearly. I think it’s worth mentioning that I take pretty good care of my skin regularly, and the results were still this noticeable. I’m crinkling my eyes as tightly as I can in these photos, so it looks even better when I’m not making funny faces.


Hope you enjoy my photos and that this review is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions! I’m kind of blown away by the results!



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